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Selling your home or property is a dynamic process. Anyone who has sold their home can relate to the stress, excitement and overall unpredictability that comes along with the daunting task. However, Françoise Pollard, Brampton based real estate agent, has come to know the ins and outs of the industry over the last ten years.

Françoise’s Four Concepts for Selling Your Home

Françoise integrates four important concepts into her work; timing, home staging, pricing and keeping your options open and flexible. These ideas, along with her toolbox of resources — including an active database of homebuyers, access to multiple listing sites, ongoing market analysis, and established relationships with industry professionals — enable Françoise to help you sell your home in a stress-free, straight-forward manner.

1. Timing is Key

Timing is an essential factor to consider when preparing your home for sale. Autumn and Spring are the most advantageous times of year for selling real estate and properties. Fewer distractions, such as the Winter holidays or Summer vacations, serve to bring more attention to the property you are selling — and ultimately bring you serious buyers. That said, Françoise’s extensive experience gives her the right skill-set to sell your home at any time of year.

2. Don’t Dismiss Home Staging

Part of Françoise’s successful home-selling strategy uses home staging, at no cost to her clients. Many people are too quick to brush off home staging as an unnecessary or grossly materialistic part of the home-selling process without considering the true benefits. However, studies done by the Real Estate Staging Association suggest that staged homes tend to sell dramatically faster than those that are not staged. In fact, in controlled tests selling two identical homes, one being professionally staged and the other not, they sold in 45 days and 102 days, respectively. All of that just simply goes to show how beneficial home staging can be, and why Françoise is such an active supporter of it.

3. Pricing Your Home

It’s important to price your home strategically with the understanding that it is always an ongoing conversation. Having a realistic and reasonable plan of action for selling your home is key. Be flexible to unpredictable markets and work out a contingency plan before listing your home.

4. Keeping Your Options Open

Even in these unpredictable times when anything can happen, there’s no need to give up your home-selling endeavours in the face of trouble. No matter the circumstances, Françoise and her team can find and offer you solutions tailored to your situation. This can, on the most basic level, mean refinancing, but can also mean other options such as applying for a home improvement loan, or perhaps looking into other options. Françoise’s warm, welcoming nature makes selling your home easy and less stressful.


Selling your Brampton, Mississauga or Caledon home is simple when you have a solid Real Estate Agents by your side!