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First Time Home Buyers in Brampton, Mississauga & Caledon

buying first home in ontario

Buying your first home can either be a long, drawn-out process or it can happen in the blink of an eye.

It all depends on how quickly you find your dream home and how long it takes to close on the property. While many claim that buying a home is a scary and daunting process, it can also be fun and rewarding—especially with the right real estate agent by your side.

If the thought of buying a home seems overwhelming to you, consider that Françoise Pollard has helped many first time home buyers just like you. Trust her to make the process both rewarding and fun.

Françoise understands that each home buyer has unique needs and wishes along with lifestyle requirements that affect their search and their purchase decision. A property that appeals to one buyer may not appeal to another – and that’s perfectly fine. You’re the only one who has to love your home and Françoise will never pressure you to make an offer on a home you don’t love.

While every homebuyer is unique, the steps required to purchase a home in Ontario are the same. Françoise Pollard will expertly guide you through each one, providing smart advice and expert tips on the market, your home search, getting pre-approved, making an offer, securing financing, the home inspection, and signing the paperwork.

If you’re a considering making your first home purchase, here are the steps required to make it happen.


Step 1: Find a Real Estate Agent

With so much information available online, many home buyers and sellers are questioning the role of the real estate agent. Just as you are an expert in your field, a real estate agent is an expert in theirs. And because markets are radically different from one another, having an agent who understands your local market can keep you from making costly mistakes, like overpaying for your home.

Françoise Pollard understands the GTA housing market and specifically, Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon housing. Trust her to provide the right information based on longstanding experience and market knowledge. Her role is to make sure you get the right home, for the right price, at the right time.

Steps 2 & 3: Meeting with your Agent and the Mortgage Pre-qualification

Having all the facts is the first step towards making a responsible, informed decision when it comes to searching for a home. At your first meeting Françoise Pollard will review the buying process with you and answer all of your questions. She will also discuss the type of home you are looking for, such as a townhouse, semi-detached, detached, or condominium, and go over your likes and dislikes.

Françoise will also seek to understand your financial situation and help you establish exactly how much you can afford as this information will be critical to your home search. If you have not already met with a mortgage agent, Françoise can arrange to have one present at your first meeting so that you can be pre-qualified on the spot, or she can provide you with a list of mortgage agents who would be delighted to meet with you in private.

Step 4: Searching for your Perfect Home

Now comes the fun part! Based on the type and location of home you’re looking for, you’ll receive daily emails featuring MLS listings that match your criteria. Your job is to select the properties you would like to see while Françoise sets up appointments for viewings at times that are convenient for you. You can also perform your own searches on and let Françoise know if you find any that spark your interest. She’ll set up as many appointments as it takes for you to find your perfect home.

Step 5: Writing an Offer

When you find the home you want, the next step is writing the Offer, also called the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. This is a legal document that details the price you want to pay for the property and your terms and conditions. These may include the amount of your deposit, financing and mortgage conditions and closing dates.

At this stage, having an experienced real estate agent like Françoise Pollard in your corner can make a huge difference. She’ll take the time to walk you through your offer, look at comparables, and discuss the terms and conditions with you thoroughly so that you understand exactly what your commitment will be. Françoise’s sole interest and role in this transaction is to protect your interests.

Step 6: Presenting the Offer

Writing an offer and presenting an offer are far from being the same thing. At this stage, you want a qualified salesperson working for you. Françoise Pollard will take over and present your offer in the most advantageous way possible for you. Her ultimate goal is to get the seller to agree to your offer and secure the property for you at the price you want.

Step 7: The Home Inspection

It is highly recommended that you hire a qualified home inspector to do your home inspection. They can help identify potential problems before you purchase your home and alert you to any potential problems that could cost you money down the road. If you don’t already have a home inspector, Françoise will be happy to provide you with the names of several highly qualified professionals.

Step 8: Moving into your New Home

Congratulations! You are now a home owner. But fret not; this is not the end of your relationship with Françoise Pollard. As your dedicated real estate agent, she’ll continue to work with you to provide valuable information to ensure your move goes smoothly. You can contact her any time, day or night, with any questions or concerns you may have.