Tips for buying a house in competitive real estate market

Tips for Buying a House in a Competitive Brampton Real Estate Market

Buying a home in Brampton is becoming more and more challenging as inventory is at an all time low with prices increasing at an unprecedented rate. It is not unusual for a property to be shown to more than six … Continued

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M City Condos - Preconstruction

State-of-the-art Development in Mississauga: M City Condos

M City Condos in Mississauga Françoise and Keith know that having choice is a great thing when it comes to investing in a new home. Luckily, the team stays on top of the latest local real estate developments that are perfect … Continued

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Basement apartments are now legal in Brampton

Brampton Basement Apartments – Know Your Options

If my first two posts on Brampton Basement Apartments seemed a little heavy, I don’t mean for that to be the case. The potential to generate income through your home can make a real difference in where you can afford … Continued

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Brampton Basement Apatment

Brampton Basement Apartments – Get it Registered

Brampton Basement Apartments: In my last post I listed some of Brampton’s zoning requirements for having a rental unit in your home, and promised to talk in this post about the down side of cutting corners. To a lot of … Continued

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Brampton Basement Apartments – First things first

Brampton Basement Apartments For many people, the financial barriers to buying their first house (or a larger house that’s more aligned with their needs) can mean thinking creatively about the long-term plan. A common solution is to look for income … Continued

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